Handsome and Healthy Pine Cones

"Handsome and Healthy Pine Cones"   This depiction of pine cones hanging in abundance from a pine tree was a curiosity that challenged the artist to try and capture their essence and to find out more about them.  Spruce Pines are magnificent —and their pine cones holding seeds for their propagation are truly more than that.  They’re a popular source for holiday decorations and  mulch.  

A couple of little known facts are that pine cones were a favorite source of nutrition for dinosaurs in the Jurassic period, and because of this the pine cone evolved to have its present day scaly and prickly construction.  Young, green pine cones are a great source of fiber and vitamin C.  Many varieties are edible for humans although others will cause digestive problems.  (Source Google) Most common uses are for oils, teas and decorating.

The piece measures 11 X 14, valued at $800.